Selling Your Home During the Winter Months

Selling Your Home During the Winter Months

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Winter brings motivated buyers as they are willing to brave the ice and snow, bundle up and go the extra mile to drive across town in Christmas traffic, which means your showings, should be for serious buyers.

Showings in the winter months also have to end by 5 or 6 o’clock since showings after dark are not worthwhile since the exterior of the home is not clearly visible. So you should not have to worry about having to work around dinner time showings.

In addition, a truer sense of water leaks and/or locations can be obtained in winter since it rains more than during summer droughts. A dry home in the winter is much less likely to have any leaks.

In the spring and summer months, yards are the primary source of curb appeal with no forgiveness for a blade of grass out of place. Buyers in the winter months are much more forgiving as their expectation are lessened.

On the other hand, holiday plans, parties or gatherings may have to be interrupted, postponed or canceled all together due to last minute requests for a showing and since the pool of buyers is much smaller, it is very likely that declining a showing will result in your house being skipped completely.

Also, there is the problem with holiday decorations. If you decorate, no matter in which tradition, you will be alienating someone and if you don’t decorate then you will be alienating others. Not to mention, if you do decide to decorate, how much is too much and how much is not enough?

Winter brings ice, snow, mud, leaf litter, dirt, etc… and buyers, no matter how careful, will invariably track all of these lovelies throughout your home. Messy carpets potentially impact your home’s selling value – stains – or bringing extra costs – carpet shampooing – or extra time by hand treating spots.


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