Your Home’s First Showing: Listing Photos, DIY or Professional

Your Home’s First Showing: Listing Photos, DIY or Professional

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Listing photos being taken in a home for saleA picture is worth a thousand words, and potentially, several thousand dollars. Listing photos or specifically the right pictures can make all of the difference when attracting the right buyer for your home.

There’s no second chance to make a first impression of your home based on the listing, especially online. As they say, Web appeal is the new curb appeal.

If you are serious about selling your home, listing photos are very serious. If your photos don’t inspire buyers, why would they step foot inside.

You should prepare for your home’s photographic session as much as you would for your open house or a private showing. Follow these tips to make sure your home looks its best.

  1. Never list your home online without photos
    1. Remember that today’s buyers get email and text alerts when a new home matching their criteria is listed
    2. There is nothing more frustrating than to receive an alert for a home, in the desired area, come across as an incomplete listing.
    3. Buyers will punish you for jumping the gun. They receive the alert when the property is first listed, not two days later when you finally add photos.
    4. You’re adding extra steps for them, and sending a message of clutter and disorganization, not a great way to start with a future buyer.
  2. Clean, declutter, organize and remove
    1. You should spend at least a few hours preparing for your photo shoot. This means fluffing pillows, closing toilet seats, putting pet’s bowls and toys away and ensuring your home is immaculate.
    2. Buyers can zoom and manipulate photos online. They’ll notice everything. These photos will tell the story of your home; it can send a message to the buyer that you don’t care, and that you are not a serious seller.
    3. The buyer is your customer. You have a product for sale. Take the time to put your home’s best foot forward.
  3. Poor photos won’t cut it
    1. Images that are blurry, with poor light, or that are distorted are not going to sell your home.
    2. It’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer who will take high-resolution photos, and even bring extra lighting or equipment as needed. They’ll also take dozens of pictures and work to show your home in the right light and from the best angles.
  4. Don’t skimp on the number of photos
    1. When it comes to photos, more is better! Buyers need to be comfortable with and learn to love your home.
    2. Not only are the listing photos the initial impression, they also help orient the buyer after the first or second walk-through. Once they have been through the home in person, your photos help them relate to the floor plan and how it flows. Encourage them to do so by posting plenty of photos.


Links to local listing photographers:

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  2. Matt Varney Photography
  3. Creative Concepts Home Staging and Contracting

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