High Efficiency / Low Cost Improvements

High Efficiency / Low Cost Improvements

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As a new homeowner or a seasoned owner try these low cost, highly efficient energy saving improvements. Anyone who has an interest in going green and having a better return on their investment will benefit all homeowners. Try some or all of the following-

Hardware- Replacing broken or unsightly knobs, handles and/or doorknobs will improve the look and a job that you can do. Check out recycled and repurposed items in your local area. If you’re a creative sort you may spend even less by designing and creating your own. This can add considerable value and appeal to your home.

Appliances- Switch to Energy Star appliances and electronic equipment as your appliances deteriate. To save on air conditioning costs replace with Energy Star ceiling fans.

Water Fixtures– Using Water Sense plumbing fixtures and dual flush and/or high efficiency toilets will lower water use and keep more money in your pocket.

Lighting-.Updates to light fixtures are relatively inexpensive and continually save you money.   Use LED lights or other energy efficient bulbs.

Paint– A fresh coat of paint can be very refreshing and liven up any room. Painting is a great DYI project the paint including supplies is relatively inexpensive and depending on the size of the project usually takes a day or two. Painting kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and built-ins can add substantial profit to your home.

Insulate- Insulating your hot water pipes, water heater; attic, walls and basement.

Don’t forget to check out last month’s blog post on landscaping green without a budget. There are four tips and tricks on no cost landscaping using the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. In addition, our blog last June covers some additional low cost home improvement ideas that will help maximize the resale value on your home.


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