Green Landscaping Without a Budget

Green Landscaping Without a Budget

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Here comes spring! We always try to think of recycling and upcycling whenever we start a project and landscaping is one of our favorites. Large front porches can be decorated for each season. Being outside in the fresh air digging, planting new annuals and perennials in the ground or in a pot found at a recent garage sale is a sure fire recipe to make any homeowner feels great!


  1. Research: Check out recycled materials websites and blogs for ideas. Make a plan of action for your yard. Remember having an open mind, being flexible and thinking outside of the box will keep this step an exciting experience.


  1. Free: Looking around your home uncovers great finds to recycle/repurpose. Craigslist freebees may net you all kinds of items as well. Get creative with wood pallets, rocks, bricks and more. Don’t forget to check for free plants at the local Freecycle facilities. Friends & neighbors may have treasure troves as well. Look around, you never know what you might find!


  1. Creative: Flexible and out of the box thinking often leads to inspiration. Looking at many free items may spark your creativity. We picked up a free foot and head board set for an old twin bed and built a bench that now lives in a back yard. When we needed to replace ceiling lights in a 1950’s home and wanted to keep the gorgeous light blue and white glass bowl shaped light cover inspiration struck from a blog post where someone used glass glue to tack a small vase, upside down, to the light cover and attached it to a post. Now it is a bird bath or float container for flowers or lit candles.


  1. Plants: Exchanging leftover tubers, bulbs, and clippings with your neighbors and friends is a great icebreaker and community activity. Your friend or neighbor may be ready to change something in their garden and would love to pass on some of their items in exchange for some of your own. Post your new project plan to Facebook see if anyone has plants or other materials they’re ready to part with. If you’re feeling adventurous and have the time, toss seeds in a garden area, water them and watch them grow.


If you or any members of your family have allergies, we recommend doing some research to discover plant compatibility. An hour of research is worth the effort to make your home landscaping plans a lasting success. Happy Landscaping!


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