May is Seller Magic Month

Posted by Sheri Damon // April 19, 2017

May is Seller Magic Month List your home at the right time, and it could sell faster and at a higher price. When it comes time to sell a home, every seller wants the same outcome: to sell quickly and for as much money as possible. According to a new real estate market analysis, listing […]

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Price 2 Sell Your House

Posted by Sheri Damon // April 13, 2017

Picture of a house made out of money

Tips to price your house to sell for top dollar and sell quickly. Here is a strategy guide for pricing your home.

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5 Tips to Stage Your Home Like a Boss

Posted by Sheri Damon // March 29, 2017

Stage your home before and after

Want the best price for your home in the least amount of time. Then stage your home. Here are the 5 most important home stage tips.

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Your Home’s First Showing: Listing Photos, DIY or Professional

Posted by Sheri Damon // March 22, 2017

Listing photos being taken in a home for sale

Everything you need to know about listing photos. DIY or professional, pros and cons, tips and tricks; 4 must know secretes.

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Make Sure Your Garden is Pet Safe!

Posted by Sheri Damon // October 9, 2016

Is your garden pet safe? Apples and oranges along with almost all flowering bulbs are dangerously toxic to your pets. This article contains a table and list of plants that are toxic and which ones are safe as well as safety steps and resources for further study.

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Listing Tips: Write a Great Listing

Posted by Sheri Damon // May 6, 2015

Homeowners can be at a disadvantage when it comes time to list their home. Any homeowner feels personal attached to their home and that can influence what they write in their listing since there is so much they want to say, pride does that. The first step when writing your listing is to remember to […]

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High Efficiency / Low Cost Improvements

Posted by Sheri Damon // April 1, 2015

As a new homeowner or a seasoned owner try these low cost, highly efficient energy saving improvements. Anyone who has an interest in going green and having a better return on their investment will benefit all homeowners. Try some or all of the following- Hardware- Replacing broken or unsightly knobs, handles and/or doorknobs will improve […]

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Green Landscaping Without a Budget

Posted by Sheri Damon // March 1, 2015

Here comes spring! We always try to think of recycling and upcycling whenever we start a project and landscaping is one of our favorites. Large front porches can be decorated for each season. Being outside in the fresh air digging, planting new annuals and perennials in the ground or in a pot found at a […]

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5 Questions to Find a Great Realtor

Posted by Sheri Damon // February 1, 2015

Sellers- 1. How long does it take you, on average, to sell my kind of home? Sometimes sellers need to sell very quickly and sometimes they need the closing time-frame stretched, such as waiting for a closing on another home. Occasionally, sellers need to close on very specific and inflexible time-frames. Make sure that the […]

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3 Hidden Tax Tips for Homeowners

Posted by Sheri Damon // January 1, 2015

Rearing its ugly head again, tax time is right around the corner. To help out, we have put together a few less well known areas that are often overlooked by homeowners. • Points: Most homeowners know that when they buy a house, they can take a deduction on any points they had to pay the […]

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