6 Must Know Organizational Home Secrets

6 Must Know Organizational Home Secrets

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Spring Cleaning comes around every year and with these 6 organizational secrets, we can all be ready. Don’t want to wait for spring cleaning, use these 6 secrets to make your life easier, every day.

Any/Every Room:

Tip #1 – Serious Sorting: Instead of using the traditional 3 containers for separating things to keep, donate and garbage; use 4. By adding a fourth container for nostalgic keepsakes and unknown; the urge to get lost strolling memory lane or stuck not knowing where an item should go will be avoided.

Tip #2 – Vertical Victories: Hanging hooks suspended above a kitchen island or bins for herbs or lids on the insides of cupboards is always a winner because it works. So apply this tried and true technique in other areas of your home. Back of bathroom doors, insides of closet doors, near ceiling corners, etc… With tons of shelves and décor storage containers, you can conquer your vertical spaces with style.


Tip #3 – Color Combos: Grouping hanging and folded cloths by type and then color is an easy and effective fix for most closets and drawers. Color coded hangers add the final touches and pack a huge punch for very little cost. Other, smaller items fit and stack neatly into clear totes, easy to label and allow for quick access and stack away hiding, out of the way.

Tip #4 – Lambent Lighting: Puck lighting, chandelier style lighting and fluorescent overheads can be your best friend for revealing those all too easy items that get lost or disorganized in low light or missing light areas. Adding lighting can unmask trouble spots and increase one’s ability to see your items, which will help keep your spaces more organized.


Tip #5 – Bunches of Baskets: Hygiene is a fact of daily life and if your medicine cabinet is anything like mine, bulging at the seams and overflowing onto the counters, having someplace to tuck them away, organized and out of sight is a dream come true. Try hanging labeled baskets, mounted on rails on your bathroom wall, allows easy access and decreased visibility for privacy.

Tip #6 – Hampers in Hiding: Laundry in discreetly placed hampers in bathrooms is a great answer to making sure that clean, organized places stay that way. The floor, or universal catch all, is the first to both possible and probable organizational relapse. Towels and cloths in their proper places eases organizational transition and relapse.


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