5 Tips to Stage Your Home Like a Boss

5 Tips to Stage Your Home Like a Boss

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Stage your home before and afterSo you want to sell your home quickly and for the highest price you can? Then staging, professional photos, and a top local real estate agent should be numbers 1, 2 and 3 on your list of to dos. Here are 5 tips to stage your home like a boss.

  1. Clean Your Home Like It’s Brand New and Austere As Possible
    1. Potential buyers viewing your bathrooms need to see expanses of blank, clean counter space and picture themselves, with their various knickknacks, hopefully, seeing themselves brushing their teeth.
    2. Anything that interrupts their musings, as they move from the foyer to the kitchen to the bathroom, is an obstacle to a potential sale.
    3. You absolutely do not want anything to distract your potential buyer as they fall in love with your home
  2. No Loud Colored Projects
    1. Fresh paint makes a good impression in general; however, tastes vary so widely, you can’t anticipate what a buyer might want in terms of color
    2. Chose from either a cool neutral (grays and whites) or warm neutral (creams and browns) color palate
    3. Visit open houses for new homes selling in your area and get a feel for which palate is more appealing
  3. The Power of the Throw
    1. Tie the furniture together with throws and throw pillows in matching colors and patterns, and you could save yourself the price of a new sofa.
    2. With older furniture, as long as you simplify it and make it look seamless, it works well
  4. Downplay Your Personality
    1. Remove family pictures or pictures with people in them
    2. Buyers are distracted by family pictures and unusual artwork not their own. They lose their musing about living in your home
    3. Empty or mostly empty closets are the rule of thumb and remove dirty laundry
    4. Put away jewelry and medication. They have been known to disappear during showings and open houses.
  5. Pack Early and Be Safety Minded
    1. Since you will be clearing out junk, removing family pictures and artwork, emptying closets and removing jewelry and medication, you probably will end up packed early for your move
    2. Box up everything and leave it in temporary storage or the garage if you have no other options. There are companies which will deliver a container to your door and store it for safekeeping until you’ve moved.
    3. Make sure to put a pad under rugs that slip. These days, it’s a better investment than baking cookies just before a showing
    4. Install the slip pads and celebrate your home’s sale by baking cookies and eating them yourself


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